Lottery Singapore Review

Lottery Singapore is an online lottery website that provides real-time results and offers a variety of different games. The website also allows players to purchase tickets and check past draws to see if they have won. In addition, the site also offers information about how to play and provides tips and strategies for playing the game.

Whether you want to try your luck at 4D, Toto or Singapore Sweep, the process for each game is pretty similar. All you need to do is choose your numbers and pay for the ticket. Then, you can either watch the live draw or receive the results via e-mail.

The prize payouts for each game may vary, but most of them require at least three matching numbers to win a prize. You can purchase tickets online or at physical outlets. The price for a single four-digit bet is $1, including GST. There are several other options available, such as making system bets, which allow you to select more than six numbers.

The company that runs the lottery is a not-for-profit organization that spends all profits it earns on charity and other legitimate work. It also publishes an annual report that details how the money is used. The company does not disclose the names of winners, but it does provide a list of winnings and how they were distributed. If you’re considering trying your luck at the lottery, be sure to read the rules carefully.